"Being at Sunnybrook Stables was an experience I will never forget. The hospitality and the people I met were absolutely incredible. I cannot wait to go back to do more Clinics!"

- Brittany Fraser

"I would recommend Sunnybrook Stables in a heartbeat!
I had the most spectacularly perfect experience and I am eager to continue on.

I registered for the 8 week intro course and have come out a comfortable and knowledgeable rider. I have taken a number of riding classes, workshops and intro courses since childhood at other stables, but it would never stick. I was nervous in the barn, never truly understood horses or safety and never felt like I could go from tack to trot comfortably on my own. All of this has now changed. You get a full hour of instruction in the barn during each class, which builds up your confidence with approaching, tacking and leading your horse. This leads to a comfort and trust level between you and your horse that makes an incomparable difference when riding.

Classes in the ring are informative and fun. Instructors understand the perfect balance between pushing you, while keeping their riders comfortable and safe. I never once felt out of control or fearful. I had a great time while building a skill level where I know feel fully in control of my horse. Posting is a breeze (who would have thought?) and controlling speed and space within the arena has become second nature.

I really appreciate my time at Sunnybrook Stables with my exceptional instructors and the adorable and kind horses. Cannot wait to continue on with my next adventure in horseback riding!

I cannot thank-you enough for this amazing experience."

- Natalia