At Sunnybrook Stables we offer English riding instruction (Jumping and Dressage), ranging from beginner to advanced, on quality, well-schooled horses.

For the true beginner or for those getting back in the saddle after time off, we offer adult and child introductory courses. Introductory courses are specially designed for first time riders, as well as novice riders with little formal training.

All introductory courses are structured on an eight-week lesson plan. Novice riders will learn basic riding skills, such as how to tack up, walk, trot and canter. They will also learn about stable management, how to handle horses from the ground, barn safety, basic equine anatomy and health, grooming, equipment use and care.

Safety is always our highest priority.

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Children Intro Class
Adult Intro Class

Students who wish to register in group riding classes, other than the introductory program, must take an assessment ride.
They will be asked to demonstrate how to:
– Groom, saddle & bridle a horse with minimal supervision
– Walk, trot (sitting and rising) and maintain a two-point position in the trot

Assessments are free; no appointment is necessary.

Assessments are held every Saturday and Sunday at 12:40 pm, except in July and August when the stables are closed on Saturdays.

Riders meet at the main office and should arrive ready to ride, wearing long pants, boots with a low heel and an ASTM safety approved riding helmet.

Individuals wishing to ride at Sunnybrook Stables must be a minimum of 9 years of age and weigh between 30kg and 90kg. To ride in a group lessons, students must demonstrate their ability to safely and competently perform the following tasks:
– Groom, saddle & bridle a horse with minimal supervision
– Walk, trot (sitting and rising) and maintain a two-point position in the trot

Students who are unable to meet the foregoing criteria can enroll in the Introductory Level Courses or in semi-private or private lessons.

Lessons are 50 minutes in duration and commence on the hour. Students are requested to arrive 20 minutes prior to their lesson in order to properly groom and tack up their assigned mount. It is the student’s responsibility to be in the ring, ready for their class, at the start of the hour.

In the interest of safety, lessons will not be conducted during thunderstorms. Please call the stable to check the status of your lesson on days when inclement weather is threatening.

Jumping lessons are conducted every other week (for those classes that are deemed ready for jump-work). However, in the interest of the well-being of the horses, lesson content will always be subject to the discretion of the instructor/school and in some instances jumping lessons may need to be substituted by instruction on the flat (i.e. the day after a schooling show).

After the lesson, students are responsible for making sure their horses are completely cooled out before returning them to their stalls. Horses should be groomed after the lesson, hooves should be picked, and tack should be returned (with the bit rinsed off) in a neat and orderly fashion to the tack room.

Treats for horses are always welcome. However, in the interest of the safety and welfare of our horses, we ask that you only give a treat to the horse your rode in your lesson.